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    Heatmor Furnaces

    The leader in the Stainless Steel Outdoor Furnace Industry.

    Burning with wood/coal is not a new concept. In fact, this old concept is gaining new popularity in many areas with plentiful wood supplies due to its cost effectiveness and low impact on the environment. Experience the lifestyle, see why Stainless Steel Outdoor Furnaces are the only way to go.

    Commitment to Quality

    In 1984, Gerry Reed, President of HEATMOR™, made a commitment to build the best performing and longest lasting outdoor furnace on the market. In 1993, he began constructing HEATMOR™ furnaces with 10 gauge 409 stainless steel, the most corrosion resistant, durable material that could also be easily manufactured into an efficient and cost effective design. Today, HEATMOR™ is considered to be the strongest, most durable stainless steel outdoor furnace in the industry.

    HEATMOR™ stainless steel outdoor furnaces are easy to load, minimum maintenance, efficient to operate, and available in a wide selection of attractive colors. Each furnace is specifically designed, lab tested, and prove to outlast mild steel brands up to three times longer.

    So go ahead, explore why so many experience the quality of the finest stainless steel outdoor furnace in the industry.

    Through lab tested research, HEATMOR™ developed several unique safety and performance features.

    • WATER-COOLED FIREBOX DOOR, eliminates warpage and increases heat transfer to water.
    • AUTOMATIC FAN SWITCH (AFS), reduces fire flashback when opening firebox door.
    • FORCED AIR DRAFT, for a more efficient burn than natural draft systems.
    • DOUBLE DOOR SYSTEM, preheats air drawn into furnace and protects against unwanted access.
    • ASH AUGER SYSTEM, easily accessible from the rear, for convenient ash removal.

    Safe for the Environment and You

    Heating with wood is generally considered to be more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal. All plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to fiber as they grow. The carbon dioxide is released back into the air when they die, regardless of whether they are burned or left to decompose in the forest. Fossil fuels on the other hand, have the effect of overloading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide since these fuels are taken out of the earth and therefore do not absorb carbon dioxide. Careful pruning and harvest of overgrown forests not only provides fuel for outdoor wood furnaces, it promotes re-growth of healthy trees that can potentially absorb up to three times as much carbon dioxide as is released when wood burns. Best of all, heating with wood frees us from our dependence on volatile electric and heating fuel prices.

    The benefits of having a HEATMOR™ outdoor furnace include:

    • LOWER or ELIMINATE heating bills.
    • NO MESS inside your home
    • NO RISK OF FIRE inside your home.
    • NO WORRY of carbon monoxide poisoning due to gas fumes
    • NO INCONVENIENCE of splitting and hauling wood into your home.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Providing solid assurance in teh exceptional quality, durability and strength of our products. The HEATMOR™ Limited Lifetime Warranty cover defects in materials, workmanship, and corrosion – the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

    Your Cost-Effective and Versatile Heating Choice

    You will experience considerable savings with your HEATMOR™ furnace. It is designed to work as easily with existing heating systems as well as new construction. the more heating needs you have the greater the savings, because a HEATMOR™ system can add warmth to your life inside and out.

    Easy to Operate

    Your HEATMOR™ furnace operates on a simple principle. Burning wood inside the furnace heats water that is pumped underground to your home and/or other buildings. There it can be connected to your forced air furnace, boiler system, hot water heater, or heated exchange to provide steady, comfortable, and efficient heating.

    Stainless Steel

    • 409 Stainless Steel used throughout furnace
      • 10 Gauge for Residential
      • 7 Gauge for Commercial
    • 409 Stainless Steel lasts up to 3x’s longer than carbon steel

    Expansion Bladder

    • Non-Pressurized Expansion Bladder is a flexible bladder allowing the water jacket to be semi-closed
      • Reducing evaporation and pressure build-up during normal operation

    Insulation (not shown)

    • Fiberglass bat non-flammable insulation
      • Side insulation is R-19
      • Top insulation is R-38


    • 2″ thick firebrick lines the lower 9″ of the firebox
    • Firebrick can reach temperatures over 800° Fahrenheit
    • Provides a higher combustion temperature facilitating a more complete burn
    • Heat sink occurs during shutdown as a result of the firebrick

    Ash Auger

    • Tool used for easy removal of ashes from the rear of the furnace
      • Ash Auger can be used during burn cycle
      • Ash removal tool only used at time of ash removal
      • Conveniently stored outside the furnace



    • Coal/wood is burned on 1″ cast iron grates
    • Allows for Ashes to easily fall into the ash pan

    Forced Air Combustion

    • Over/Under Forced Air Draft System blowing air above and below the fire
    • Provides better heat recovery
    • Forced draft burns larger pieces of wood

    Insulated Outer Door

    • Double Door draw preheated air into the Over/Under Forced Air Draft System
    • Lockable outer front and back doors increases security of the outdoor furnace

    Cam Lock Door & Door Latch

    • Cam Lock Door helps to lessen the risk of flashback when opening fire door for fillings
    • Magnetic Door Latch attaches the fire door to the outer door keeping it open for safe and easy filling


    • Residential Units – 8″ Diameter
    • Commercial Units – 10″ or 16″ Diameter
    • Refer to Options page for optional Chimney Extensions

    Vent Elbow

    • Allows Expansion and Contraction of the water
    • Not completely open to atmosphere


    • For night fillings
    • Safety warning


    • Heat exchanger that extracts BTU’s making it more energy efficient
    • Constructed of 409 Stainless Steel and surrounded by water
      • 10 Gauge – Residential and 7 Gauge – Commercial

    TSWB (not shown)

    • Controls fan
    • Reads temperature setting
    • Reads differential in fan cycle

    Water Cooled Fire Door

    • Thermosiphon draws water through fire door
    • Acts as another heat exchanger
    • Virtually eliminates warping of the fire door
    • Contributes to an air tight system

    For more information on Heatmor products, please review these PDF documents